Spin: Edit

  1. How is Earth’s rotation different from its revolution?
  2. How do gravity and inertia affect the orbit?
  3. What causes day and night?
  4. What causes seasons?
  5. What are Spring tides and Neap tides?
  6. What are the phases of the moon?
  7. What are lunar and solar eclipses?

Probes and Objects: Edit

  1. How do you differentiate an Optical telescope from a Radio telescope?
  2. What are space probes?
  3. What are the key features of the planets?
  4. What are dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, and meteoroids?

Star: Edit

  1. What is the Life Cycle of a star?
  2. What do the “colors” of stars represent?
  3. What are ...
    1. galaxies,
    2. constellations,
    3. binary stars
    4. star clusters
  4. What is a light year?

Terms to understand: Edit

  • The Big Bang Theory.

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