Light: Edit

  1. What are waves in the Electromagnetic spectrum?
  2. What is Reflection versus refraction?
  3. What is a photon?
  4. What are lasers?
  5. Terms to understand:
    1. Transparent,
    2. translucent
    3. opaque objects;
    4. Convex and concave lens and mirror;
    5. Prism and Light spectrum;
    6. Primary and Secondary colors.

Electricity: Edit

  1. What is electric current?
  2. What is a short circuit?
  3. Terms to understand:
    1. Open and closed circuits;
    2. Series and parallel circuits;
    3. Voltage, current and resistance.
  4. How do these work:
    1. switch,
    2. fuse,
    3. circuit breaker

Magnetism: Edit

  1. What are the key features of a magnet?
  2. What are magnetic fields?
  3. What is an electromagnet?
  4. Is Earth a magnet?
  5. How do you use a compass?
  6. Know the difference:
    1. Motors versus generators,
    2. direct current versus alternating current.
  7. Terms to understand:
    1. transformers,
    2. magnetic levitation.

Heat: Edit

  1. What are conduction, convection, radiation (with practical examples)?
  2. Terms to understand:
    1. Conductors,
    2. insulators,
    3. Heat capacity,
  3. Applications of thermal expansion/contraction, infrared rays.

Sound: Edit

  1. What are the features of sound waves (for example, frequency and pitch, amplitude and volume, wavelength)?
  2. What are SONAR, Doppler effect, and echolocation?