Basics: Edit

  1. What are forces?
  2. What are:
    1. Balanced versus unbalanced forces,
    2. push versus pull forces?
  3. Terms to understand:
    1. gravity,
    2. friction,
    3. thrust,
    4. lift,
    5. drag,
    6. air resistance.
  4. Newton’s 3 Laws of forces and simple applications.
  5. What are
    1. speed,
    2. velocity,
    3. acceleration,
    4. inertia?
  6. Simple calculations.

Work: Edit

  1. What is “work”?
  2. Simple calculations.
  3. What are Potential and Kinetic forms of energy?
  4. How can you interconvert between different types of energy?
  5. Terms to understand:
    1. levers,
    2. wheel
    3. axle,
    4. pulleys,
    5. wedge,
    6. inclined plane.
  6. What are simple and compound machines?

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