Earth: Edit

  1. What are the key features of the main layers of Earth and of the ocean floor?
  2. What are the major landforms?

Plates and faults: Edit

  • plate tectonics
  • theory of continental drift
  1. How do mountains form?
  2. What are faults and folds?
  3. What causes ocean floor spreading?

Erosion: Edit

  1. What is Weathering?
  2. Erosion?
  3. What are the major chemical and physical triggers?
  4. Terms to understand:
    1. terminus,
    2. moraine,
    3. till,
    4. cirque,
    5. deposition,
    6. river meanders,
    7. sandbars.

Rocks: Edit

  1. What is the rock cycle?
  2. What are Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks?
  3. Terms to understand:
    1. color,
    2. harness,
    3. luster,
    4. streak (Properties of minerals).
  4. What are key soil types and layers/horizons?

Fossils: Edit

  1. What are different the types of fossils – mold, cast, imprint, amber?
  2. What are their uses?
  3. How do you determine relative versus absolute age?
  4. What is an Era?
  5. What are fossil fuels?
  6. What are examples of renewable energy sources?